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I have read the cycle of stories about Smoke and Mirrors and even when I clearly don't understand every detail of what is going on - th...

Hi, I cannot say much about the images because I am not an artist, but I have read this story and I can say that this is one of the bes...

I cannot judge about the quality of your art because I myself have not a clue about how to do it. However, I would like to thank you fo...

Hi, welcome to my page.

I'm Narutaki2000, a name that I take from the protagonist of a manga by Kia Asamiya, "Steam Detectives".

I am no artist, I can't draw my way out of a paper bag, nor 3D or poser, but I like to write fanfiction about TV series and  cartoons.

I am a fanatic of old TV series (old means I was a child when I see them in reruns).  I believe that the golden age of Science fiction is twelve.  After that age, every piece of fiction seems boring.

So, what I am doing here if I am no artist? Well, that was the reason why I didn't subscribe earlier to this site, but here I have known a lot of artist who like the same things I like, so I am here to enjoy their work.

However, I like to write, and so I wrote a fanfic about the work of one of the artist that I admire,, whom lend me his work so I could show you the fanfic here at my site.  I want to thank him and invite you to see it and let a comment.

Favorite TV shows: Batman (60s), Wonder Woman (70s)  Wild Wild West (60s), The Saint and The Avengers (60s).

Favorite Cartoons: Scooby Doo (except when Scrappy appears), The Batman Animated Series, Justice League, Batman the Brave and the Bold (I think is the best thing since I am a fan of Silver Age Lunacy).

Favorite books: Don Quixote is the best novel ever wrote and I am sure that will live as long as humanity… However, I feel sad because I fear that some day would die the last man or woman that would read any short story from Chejov. "P.G. Woodehouse and Tolstoil not bad.  Not bad, but not good".

I hope all of you could enjoy this!

Thanks for coming!




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